A Feather in your Hat

feather cartridge pin by Helen Elizabeth
The original saying a 'feather in your cap' is believed to have come from a practice in some cultures, where a warrior may add a feather to their hat or headgear for a slain enemy.   A hunters success could also be shown by plucking off the feather of the game bird they bagged and placing it in their hat band. 
Thankfully the phrase nowadays is generally used to refer to a type of success that may be helpful to someones future. 

It is interesting how we use phases in todays language that relate to customs and practices going back centuries.

Fortunately you can now add a feather to your cap, hat or even use it as a wrap pin for not other reason than you love feathers wanting something pretty to brighten up any attire.  Or if you want to celebrate a success then treat yourself. Have a look at my Accessories where I have just added some new handmade lovely feather hat/wrap cartridge pins.

hat feather cartridge pin by Helen Elizabeth Shat feather cartridge pin by Helen Elizabeth S