All about Helen Elizabeth Studios



The Studios

I currently run and work in the business which works well for me at this time.
I have a love of the countryside and all that goes with it. But if anyone had the same values as me and my brand and the right skills I would welcome them as part of my team if a vacancy arose.

My studios are working studios and are not open to the public. I am lucky enough to be based in the countryside so I am surrounded by wildlife as well as my own animals. Who do have a habit of popping in uninvited at times while I am working. 

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My Brand Believes

  • My brand believes we all deserve the joy of having a little bit of the countryside in our lives.  

How people choice to enjoy and interact with the countryside vary's from person to person or even culture to culture. We may not all agree with each others choices on how we interact but we should all agree to have respect for the countryside and rural life. 

There are countless benefits of getting out and about into the countryside such as; breathing in cleaner air, mental wellbeing, enjoying nature itself, being free from crowds, space to take part in activities and much much more. So getting out and about in the great outdoors is a must. 

However, life can sometimes get in the way which means that much needed date with nature is put on hold. But don't put it off for long. In the meantime you can still enjoy that relaxed cosy feeling in your home. This could be as simple as having a country art print on your favourite coffee mug, or on the cushions you cosy up to on the sofa, a thumb stick propped in the hall or a painting hung on a wall.  

Even though we all view art in different ways the fact is the very act of looking at art in any shape or form triggers feelings of pleasure and enjoyment. So why not get that happy relaxed feeling by surrounding yourself with things and pieces of artwork that remind you of the countryside. 

My Values

  • Be kind
  • Be fair
  • Respect for each other
  • Love for the countryside
  • Believe in personal wellbeing

My Mission

Is to create a brand which enables everyone to enjoy a piece of country artwork in their life.  



International Shipping

Although there is no option to shop through this store outside of the UK I will ship outside of the UK. Please message me through the contact us form on the home page, if you have any interest in any of my art and I can let you know if I can ship to you and will then quote you shipping prices and make the product available online.