Personalised Hand Painted Walking Sticks & Wading Staffs

    Do you have that precious something which has so much meaning to you, that you would love to have it captured in a unique and special way? This may be something you love or have loved and would like this immortalised in a piece of art. If so then read on:

    Bespoke Personalised Walking Sticks and Waders
    One of the most unique and special ways you could do this is have that something special captured on a walking stick. 
     Whether you want a unique piece of artwork to decorate your home, looking great propped up in your hall or in a lovely stick stand. A talking point when friends come round or a walking stick with a difference this may be for you.


    All sticks are lovingly handcrafted made from natural materials, constructed using traditional stick making methods.

    These sticks are very tactile as well as stunning and different to look at.  The handles are lovely to hold. You can feel the contours of the wood on the shaft and part of the painting technique means the painted surface is not always totally smooth giving it more life and interest.

    Each stick is hand painted, the shaft framing your unique piece of original art work signed by the artist Helen Elizabeth.  I will work personally with you, listen to your story for the piece so I can capture the spirit of what you want to see and feel each time you gaze upon your finished artwork. I will also keep you updated on progress during the design process. 

    The Stick
    All wood has been seasoned for at least 1 year before being straightened to make a strong sturdy shank.

    Stag Horn Thumbsticks and Wading Staffs; Naturally shed red deer antler is used to make a beautiful tactile handle or thumb rest. Tipped and finished off with black buffalo horn or cow horn which has been hand worked and polished to a high gloss.  Finished with a high gloss vanish. 

    All sticks are fitted with a brass (or rubber if grip is required) ferrule to protect the bottom. 

    And finally to finish, marine varnish is used to add lustre and further protection to the naturally durable materials and artwork. 

    To commission a bespoke piece of art work on your walking or wading stick please contact us here  Please be sure to make your requests well in advance as each stick takes at least 2 months to craft, paint and finish.  Prices vary depending on the amount of artwork required.  A price quote will be made once we have discussed your requirements.

    Need One Now
    If you would like a painted stick but just cannot wait, please visit my shop. Sometimes If demand has been high there may not be any hand painted sticks available in the shop, please accept my apologies and check in again. You can also contact me here.

    Watch here videos of some hand painted sticks which are either for sale on my shop or were special commissions. 

    Please note: As these sticks are made from natural materials each stick and handle will vary and are not totally smooth or straight. A detailed description and picture of your stick will be provided on commission.  A non refundable deposit will be required before we start to create your artwork. Commissioned piece orders cannot be cancelled or returned. Full payment is required before any order is shipped. We are not responsible for taxes due/payable where items are shipped abroad, these must be paid by the buyer. Shipping prices will be available on request.To help preserve the artwork I recommend you do not leave this stick out in the rain or in direct sunlight or submerge in water.

     Limited amounts of slots are available each year for commissions, please contact me here. to check on availability.