Black Grouse 1 Day Old Chicks Hatched


Our captive breed black grouse have been strutting their stuff and displaying their beautiful feathers and now look the first little black grouse chicks are out, 1 day old. No you are not mistaken the mother here is a bantam hen. She had been incubating the little speckled eggs on behalf of the grouse hen. These chicks are very active watching mum pecking and they follow her lead. In the wild they would need to alert as there are a lot of predators. These chicks are in a safe environment here.

I hope you enjoy the video, it would be unusual for you to see these birds in the wild unless you knew their habitat. There are places in the UK where these birds can be seen and if you do get the chance to watch them it is a beautiful sight. If you do watch these birds keep a good distance away and do not disturb them as these birds need protecting.