Peacock Chicks Hatching - Safety of the Wall or NOT?


After raising quite a few peacocks and seeing some of the places they nest I have to wonder if they are silly or smart birds.

This bird has chosen to nest on a high wall in the garden and whilst this is great as Mr Fox cannot get to her, smart, but when the birds hatch they will of course have a long way to come down. If they make it safely to the floor they are so vulnerable to predators. Whilst some choose to nest low down this has resulted in the mother and chicks being taken in the night, silly. This hen is one we raised from a chick after a fox killed her mother, in fact we ended up with 3 broods that year. Now she is a mother and I hope she stays safe.

I of course do not want to move her so I am watching everyday now waiting for them to hatch, due anytime soon. Then play it by ear to see if they find a safe haven to go during the evening, if not I may have to shelter them in a pen until they are a good size to let back out.

It will be nice to see the chicks running around and so nice to watch whilst I am painting. Although the geese will not be impressed as they love to raid their food bowl even though they have their own.