Peacock chicks now 3 weeks old.

The peacock chicks are now 3 weeks old and are doing well. They are able to fly up to the top of the boxes we have in the pen. This is good practice for when they are let out and have to go into the trees for safety and also when they roost at night.

I would prefer the birds to be out and about but when the peahens are on the ground with their chicks keeping them warm they can be fair game to all sorts in the night who tend to pray on them. This peahen is one of 18 chicks rescued 3 years ago after 3 mothers were killed over a period of a couple of weeks. It is the peahen who tends to be caught first and then the chicks if they don't hide. But of course then the chicks get chilled and have no protection.

The chicks are thriving on a seed mix, chick crumbs, mealworms and greens. They come running to me when I go in to feed them now eager for the mealworms which they love most.

I am lucky to be able to be up close and personal with these birds everyday. People who walk down the lane near the property wonder at the sight of these colourful birds. Watching nature can be so relaxing. Of course these birds are not native to the UK the blue peacock, specifically, has origins in India, which seems to make sense with their exotic bright beautiful colourful plumage. I do enjoy watching them along with all the little birds in the garden. Nature has such a relaxing influence, can make you feel happy and also excited when you see an animal or bird for the first time.

I love painting nature capturing the wonderful colours and shapes on canvas, paper or wood. My studio is never a dull space, surrounded by my works in progress and lots odd bits and bobs, feathers, old things, shells and nice stones. Meaning I get to have nature indoors and out. It is a lovely relaxing place to work in. Some would say its cluttered and it is, but I love it. A simple clean looking room can also be a relaxing space by bringing nature in. Less can be more as they say.