The beautiful red grouse

Last of the grouse chicks are are out. The weather has changed so much over the last few days and the difference from the first chicks out when it was very warm to this last clutch hatching when it is cooler is remarkable.
Nearly lost a couple who did not have the sense to go under mum to keep warm. Found them lay next to her cold and lifeless. After a few hours under a heat lamp and plenty of water to review them they are Ok now. If the weather was warmer I would not have this issue so much.
I do love grouse and the difference between the character of the red and blacks could not be more different. The reds more feisty and the blacks more gentle.
I will get some new videos made of the chicks this week so keep an eye out for the blog.
But when it comes to painting them the red grouse alway win, for me anyway.
This painting was originally done in watercolour on paper, the details of the moor took me a long long time as it is mostly created in tiny dots of paint. The mountains and moorland colours slightly exaggerated to give it vibrance and colour as I wanted you to be taken to a magical place when you look at it. Feeling wild and free like these birds on the moor. Shaking out the cobwebs of everyday life and letting go.
I hope you love looking at it as much as I loved painting it.
Limited prints of this painting can be found on my site here