Wash Away the Days Stresses

Being in the countryside, enjoying nature of any kind can have many positive benefits to your wellbeing. I am not an expert and don't pretend to be but from my experience it is true. And research seems to show it can lower stress levels and be good for your mental health.

Then of course if you are walking or cycling then you are getting the exercise. The fresh air in your lungs has got to be good hasn't it. Of course we cannot all get out as much as we would like so grab a bit of nature from anywhere you can. Be it in a garden, a park, a plant in the house, a piece of artwork or even on your mug that holds your favourite cuppa. There are lots of things you can do.

I have attached this energising but relaxing video of a river you may enjoy, think of it washing away all the days stresses, down the rocks and away out of sight. Now relax ........