New Sticks - I won't keep you hanging much longer

Helen Elizabeth Studios Walking sticks

Some new plain but handsome sticks nearly ready, another week or so these will be on my website. I also have started to paint some new ones as part of this project I will show you these soon. 

I have just finished adding the final coat of marine vanish to add luster and protection to these ones. These sticks when used in the field or up a mountain can get some hard knocks. Of course they may just go in a smart stick stand or propped up against a wall as a show piece. Either way they look great. 

I always hang my stick to dry here, it is clean and dust free. But whilst writing this post I have just realised the picture in the background rather suits the craft hanging in front. It is an 1812 engraving painted by George Morland and engraved by Thomas Williamson. I love the subject, man and child working hard to collect fuel to keep them warm in extreme conditions of the season. The man even carries his own thumbstick to help him get through the snow. The cottage reminds me of my own home and at times in the cold weather feels a bit like this picture. Cottagers in Winters it is titled if you are interested. Not everyones cut of tea but I love it. 

This shows how long these traditional sticks have been used going back well before this time. In fact walking sticks may have been used from when man first walked this earth. I believe even some apes may have been observed using sticks/branches as aids. 

(Tops finished)