Summer Project - New sticks coming soon

It been a busy time here with baby birds popping out here there and literally everywhere, hedges, the top of walls and under our broody hens. Read some of my headline blogs for more information on these new editions to the fold.

As things start to calm down just a little and I need to prepare for autumn I am preparing some new sticks as stocks are low and I have a few requests. 
I also have a few more projects in the fire and will share these in this blog area soon.

You have also requested I share the steps during such projects so here we are.
I admit it is hard for me to video my process as it take such a long time and I cannot seem to get the angles right. But I will share some videos soon. 

The sticks are made and are in various stages. It is interesting to see how some time spent grinding and hand polishing can bring glory to these natural materials.
From the back of the picture above the buffalo horn in place untrimmed, next trimmed but still rough, to the finally polished finish. Last but not least a stick nearly ready for painting. It is a long process but worth the effort.

I will keep you posted on the progress of these beauties.