A 'not 'so funny story about getting used to the country ways and a missing dog


20 years ago you would more likely see me wearing flip flops or deck shoes a pair of shorts or with a wet suit on. So much has changed. I love the sea I always have. I loved the country side too as the two go hand in hand I think. But I would be drawn towards the sea first, the open space of the ocean made me feel free, the wind in you face and the salt air was healing when I did a job that hemmed me in so much. But as the years have gone by and I feel more at peace with the world I have fell in love with the countryside even more and am drawn towards the mountains, rivers and forests.  Especially the forests and rivers it is so peaceful sitting by a river surrounded by beautiful trees.  It gives me that cosy warm feeling now, at one time I would have felt claustrophobic there. Yes so much has changed.  


I have so many stories of my time by the sea and now in the countryside surrounded by my animals. 


Here is just one of many you may find a bit amusing, I however did not at the time. 


When I first started to spend much more time in the countryside and started to get used to the rural ways.  I was tasked to look after my partners dogs whilst he was on holiday. I have always had dogs and had spent some time with his dogs so no worries there. He had been away for a few days and all was well. I thought it was strange at first having dogs that lived in kennels as my dog had always been in the house. But these were working dogs. Then one day I had let the dogs out for a run in the garden and when I called them back one was missing. No panic I thought he must be in his kennel, they had only been out for 5 minuets.  But no he was not there.  The panic then set in. One side of the house was miles of open countryside, the other side a busy road and then more countryside. No sign of the old dog his name was Max he was a liver English Pointer. After checking again he was not anywhere in the garden or indeed on the road or in the field. In tears I called my partners friend who lived down the road and he came round to help.


After calling the police, RSPCA and logging him missing online we went on a search. I drove round the area and my partners friend went on foot across the field beyond.   After 4 hours of driving round and round, I was just driving back to the house yet again and I saw a dog shaped figure racing across the field toward the back fence.   As I ran into the garden he appeared trying to get back through a small hole he had made to get out. After a struggle I got him back in and blocked up the hole. I did not know whether to hug him or shout at him, but he got the hug I was so relieved. When my partners friend finally got back tired after his hike across the fields, he told me how many people had seen Max and how he had been following the trail right back to the house.  When my partner finally came home from his holiday a week later I told him what had happened and to my surprise he laughed and said he had done it once before a long time ago.  I did not know whether to be relieved or annoyed for him not warning me. 


But all ended well and Max never did it again thank goodness. The old boy Max lived till he was 24 years old, they do say exercise is good for you don’t they and he certainly knew how to exercise. He was not even tired after his long run. Bless him. He spent his last few years  of his life indoors with us as his legs got a bit wobbly, he was hard at seeing and a bit deaf too. But he was a very old man after all. 


The picture is of me and Tyler one of Max offspring his daughter. He certainly left his mark in the world we have all his siblings down to his great great granddaughter.  



It’s funny how we can laugh a little at things that at the time were traumatic and scary. When things end well we can reflect and smile well sometimes.  We all have these sort of tales to tell especially when we have animals they do test us at times.  


What stories have you got to tell about your animals that would bring a smile to your face?