Foraging in the Garden


Foraging is the searching for wild food to eat. Of course animals do this to survive. But more and more people have taken to this as a pastime and for the love of fresh natural food. I love the idea and quite fancy taking a course so I know what it is I am looking for, don't want to be picking the wrong vegetation now do I.

I don't suppose me picking a few blackberry's and apples in the garden counts but it sure does feel great to pick them and make a delicious pudding with the fruit.

I keep hens and the eggs are so much nicer than any shop bought even those advertised as free range. Of course sometimes you can get fresh chicken eggs supplied locally from your local store and these are always great. 

There is so much fruit at this time of year that goes to waste, even the birds and insects don't seem to be able to keep up with the amount of it.  Shame really. 

I give away what we cannot eat and my birds also get a good feed from the fruit this time of year, so not much waste in our garden. 

But I like the idea of growing and picking fresh just enough for that meal so your vegetables and fruit are always fresh and less waste. But growing your own can be hard work. So I like the foraging idea.  

Has anyone watching this video tried foraging? If so what did you pick and make as a meal with the pickings?