Meet Pip a new member of the team

One sunny day recently a little brown box was brought to the Helen Elizabeth Studios.

It's a little surprise I was told. "You will love it."

On opening the box a little fluffy head appeared. "Where has this come from?" I asked

"Whilst at work on the construction site the lads and I saw a mother duck with 15 or so little ducklings following her around. We watched her in amusement as they wondered around in the grass land around the plant, then we went back to work.  Several hours later I was driving a machine when I saw a cat dart in front of the machine with something in its mouth. I could see it was not a rat or mouse.  I stopped the machine and with some help we managed to catch the cat which dropped its pray. It was one of the little ducklings. It had a bite on its head and blood coming out of its beak but seemed Ok. We tried to look for the mother all the rest of the day to try to reunite them but she was no where to be seen. So this little one needs some help and love."

Well whilst I was not looking for any more animals at the moment as I have my hands full with chicks hatching, partridges, pheasants and grouse. I could not ignore the little cutie.  So here PiP is, growing fast over the last week.  

The name Pip comes from a few sources, the fact Pip, Pips. It is a little bird, Pip Squeak. Also I love the film Great Expectations one of the main characters is called Pip. I have great expectations for Pip my baby Shelduck.  I am now looking to find Pip another Shelduck to keep company. I dont know if Pip is a girl or boy yet and as the male and female markings look the same it may be a while before i know.  Interesting Shelducks nest underground in old rabbit burrows or in tree holes. I don't have any of those in the garden so may have to dig.. They also have very striking marking as adults being a large bird just smaller than a goose.  

Pip lives in my office at the moment but will go outside when it gets bigger. I will keep you updated on Pips progress.  Here is a video you may enjoy.