Not in a Pickle - My English Pointer

When things seem difficult or challenging, I try to look around and see the challenges other have to endure and face. This helps put things into perspective and makes me feel lucky and grateful
I also watch my little pointer Pickle and feel inspired as she is a fighter. She can see very little. She was born not breathing and was starved of oxygen. Her back legs did not work for 3 weeks and she had to be held onto mum to feed as well as being hand fed. I remember giving her a serious talk to when I massaged her little hips and legs, willing her to get better and she did. The fact she cannot see hardly at all does not hinder her as long as I ensure I don't leave things laying about as she will bump into anything out of place. She is very stylish and points birds, she cannot see them so often she is pointing the wrong way but she knows they are there. And the peacock flying off in one of these pictures was her doing.
Despite her difficult start she is now fighting fit. She even goes out with our other pointers in the field and sticks with the pack and comes back to the whistle. She is amazing and such a lovely girl. She is also very naughty as she is the only one of our dogs who jumps over a gate between two parts of our garden to get to a bird if she smells it.
I am lucky to be surrounded by such inspiration when I am creating. I have also been lucky to have had some amazing inspirers in my life people who have been role models.