Why Wood


I have always doodled, drawn, painted from an early age. I suppose most children do at some time, it is a good way to express yourself when words just won’t do it. Expressing feelings in an artistic way does not always have to make sense to anyone but the artist. But sometimes what comes out of the artist, the end result can be a piece which gives off a vibe that other people are drawn to or can relate with.


I am not great at expressing myself verbally, that is why I create art and write. 


Some of my first drawings were more a sort of mix, illustrations and water colour. But they have one common theme, animals or nature. I have always been a mad animal lover. I went through a phase of painting boats at one point, as I spent a lot of the time on the water. But I don’t tent to paint these now being drawn back to more nature inspired subjects. 


Being drawn to nature I love painting on wood, it feels right somehow. Ok paper is made from wood but I mean actual wood, the feel of it and the texture is amazing. I love painting on the sticks as it is different and interesting as well as a challenge on such a small round surface. And when I feel it is time for a change I go back to paper for a while but it does not last long before I am back painting on wood again.  


I get an immense pleasure from creating artwork but what I love is when I get the opportunity to share this with others. Bringing joy into someone else’s life though art is amazing. And when someone can enjoy nature as well as art together even better.