pheasant hand painted staghorn thumbstick helen elizabeth studios
pheasant hand painted staghorn thumbstick helen elizabeth studios
pheasant hand painted staghorn thumbstick helen elizabeth studios

Pheasants in the Corn Hazel Thumbstick with Antler Handle

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Hand painted and signed by the artist Helen Elizabeth this one of a kind thumbstick depicts pheasants in the corn.

Stick Measurements
Artwork takes up = approx 23cm of shank and has been protected with marine varnish. 

Shank diameter at top and tappers to the bottom  = approx 3cm

Total length of stick from the top of the  horn to end = approx 144cm

Total length of the stick from thumb rest/U in the horn to end = approx 139cm

The Design

All sticks are lovingly handcrafted made from natural materials, constructed using traditional stick making methods.

These sticks are very tactile as well as stunning and different to look at.  The handles are lovely to hold. You can feel the contours of the wood on the shaft and part of the painting technique means the painted and varnished surface is not always totally smooth giving it more life and interest.

Each stick is hand painted, the shaft framing this unique piece of original art work signed by the artist Helen Elizabeth.  

The Stick

This stick is made from hazel wood.

All wood has been seasoned for at least 1 year before being straightened to make a strong sturdy shank.

Naturally shed red deer antler is used to make a beautiful tactile handle or thumb rest. Tipped and finished off with black buffalo horn or cow horn which has been hand worked and polished to a high gloss.  

And finally to finish, marine varnish is used to add lustre and further protection to the naturally durable materials.


The stick is fitted with a metal ferrule.

The pheasant is such a colourful bird you cannot help but want to paint those beautiful colours in the cock bird. There are many different types of pheasants these are common ring necks. I love the Michigan pheasant too with their ice blue colour backs. In contract the hens are well camouflaged so when they nest they are hidden.

I hope who ever decides to give this stick a loving home enjoys it as much as I did painting it.  This would make an idea gift or a keepsake. Great as a unique piece of artwork in your home or to be used as a thumb stick. 

What is a staghorn thumbstick?
Stag or deer horn has been used to make stick handles for years. The naturally shed horn is cut, shaped and added to a wooden shank to make as study thumbstick.

Whether you want a unique piece of artwork to decorate your home; looking great propped up in a hall or in a lovely stick stand. A talking point when friends come round or a thumb stick with a difference. This stick may be the one for you.


We aim to ship your completed order out within 2 weeks. 

Please note: As these sticks are made from natural materials each stick and handle will vary and are not totally smooth or straight. Full payment is required before any order is shipped. We are not responsible for taxes due/payable where items are shipped abroad, these must be paid by the buyer. Shipping prices will be available on request. To help preserve the artwork I recommend you do not leave this stick out in the rain or in direct sunlight or submerge in water. 


(Colours may vary when viewing on devices due to lighting on different computer/phone/tablets)